Twinning Design

is an interior architecture and design studio based in London and active throughout Europe.

Founded by twin brothers Marco and Enrico Cherubini, the design is its dna as well as the twin double strength. Twinning Design is lifestyle creator by nature and detail focused to deliver superior quality solutions.

The Studio is specialized in high end interior architecture and interior design either for the commercial or the residential market. Being able to run projects from concept to completion, the Studio can manage each and every aspect of a project. From concept design and space planning, through specifications and detailing, to site coordination Twinning Design tends to reduce the complexity of any project to simple and clever design solutions.

As the best fashion designer Twinning Design understands the value of tailor making and hand-crafts every project to fit each individual. As the essence of a slab of marble stays in its uniqueness, at Twinning Design each project is the chance to create a distinctive lifestyle.

The Studio strongly believes that a close relationship with the client and a deep understanding of the context are the only possible ways to achieve a tailor made result in every design work.

Twinning Design is committed to the people, to their feeling and experience of an interior. Through an imaginative and thoughtful work, moving continuously between aesthetic and functionality, a dedication to detail and a careful study of materials, Twinning Design designs the mood that clients want to be in.




Born in Italy, Massa and, of course, on the same day, Marco Cherubini and Enrico Cherubini started their successful relationship a long time ago.

Since young age they have been deeply influenced by the surroundings: their parent’s passion for art and design, the close White Carrara Marble quarries, and the Italian glamour and vibrant lifestyle. Enrolled together at the University of Pisa to study Construction Engineering – Architecture, they have been greatly inspired by the beauty and proportion of the Italian Renaissance and by the contemporary masters.


After being separated for a short period, Marco and Enrico were back together in London working successfully at one of the most renowned interior design firm. Following a number of successful high end projects, Marco and Enrico established Twinning Design TWD in London in 2017.

Enrico Marco